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In today’s competitive market place getting the attention your product deserves requires a more interesting approach. That same flat sign that worked so well in the past needs to get in shape. That is where the CNC router comes into play it allows us to add depth and dimension to your sign, making it not only more attractive but more effective. When we combine that with our digital color print technology you get the edge that will make your sign stand out. The good news is that cost of this type of sign is more affordable now than ever before. Call us today 775.322.6055 to discuss the possibilities.

We work with a lot of new substrates and composite panels along with wood, plastic, aluminum and more. As well as CNC cutting and carving we can also serve your engraved sign needs We make all the standard engraved type signs such as ADA, Name Plates, Room ID, Desk Plates , Machine Panels.

We have been adding a new dimension to signs for over 20 years now!

Custom Cut Letters • Carved Signs • Dimensional Displays • Plaques

We sell stock ADA and custom ADA bid request for large projects requires mlnimum of 2 weeks for processing

The carved redwood sign is still one of the best values for long lasting and distinctive signage. HDU foam is also popular in this type of sign

We make a wide variety of engraved products from name plates and badges to industrial equipment markings to custom keytags and much more. just give us a call 775.322.6055 and let us know what you are looking for if we don't make it we probaly know who does. Digital die cutting/plotting